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Mike Royden (the one on the right).


According to his own website:

  • After a period of time working in an office, Mike Royden played guitar in several Liverpool bands, such as 'The Warp Band' after appearing in the Ken Campbell production of The Warp at the Liverpool Everyman (then the longest play in the world). He was the subject of a song by seventies rockers The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, being the chef with the history book in 'Give My Compliments to the Chef'. After studying Medieval, Modern History and Archaeology at the University of Liverpool, he taught History for 25 years and also lectured in Local History in the University of Liverpool Centre for Continuing Education. He has researched and written about various aspects of history for over 35 years. Mike has appeared numerous times on radio and TV, including programmes such as BBC's Heir Hunters and Who Do You Think You Are?, plus Making History on Radio 4. Mike has also researched extensively into the history of the First World War and has led tours on the Battlefields of France and Flanders. He has two sons, Lewis, a photographer, and Liam, a musician and songwriter.


While Mike Royden has written two books on Chester he is better known for his historical writings on Liverpool and villages near Chester (see link below).

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