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"Chesterwiki" is all about making the internet accessible, in a small way, that relates to Chester, and particularly as regards its fascinating history. You could write (another) book on Chester, but even if you found someone to publish it, you would make very little and probably spend the money on buying more books about Chester. Here, it is a give and take process: everyone contributes to the "book" and everyone has the benefit of a copy of the finished work "for free".

These are the house rules:

  • This is a Wiki, which means that by default your pages can be edited by others. We can lock down a page so that only certain users can edit it, but we only do that for good reason, and any discretion as to what is good reason lies with us (we are, after all "paying" for this in the sense that it takes up quite some of our time).
  • We retain absolute discretion to delete any content and/or ban any user, for whatever reason, without notice and without any right of appeal. Reasons for bans or deletion include (but are not limited to) inappropriate content or links to the same (pornography, spam, defamatory content ... the usual stuff). We cannot completely define what is banned, but "we know it when we see it" and we will try to avoid hosting anything that may cause us a problem. If you have a personal crusade about being able to post anything on the internet, we sympathize, but please take it elsewhere.
  • Please don't use this site to simply post a blatant add for your goods and services. If you do that, you must accept that we can put you on our "this business is not recommended because they are obviously idiots" list.
  • As far as we are concerned you retain the copyright to your content. Just because you put something on here does not mean that we (or anyone else) can copy it, re-use it etc. But remember it might well be edited by others. If you have an issue over someone copying your content, we disclaim all liability. Take it up with them. N.B. if this is over-ridden by our hosts T&C's then they take precedence.
  • We are not responsible for keeping this site up, making back-ups for your benefit or otherwise preserving your content. That is up to you.
  • If you infringe someone else's copyright (for example by posting their content on here) we are not going to defend your actions and we will invite anyone who complains about this to either replace the content or have it deleted. Look, if you find something useful about Chester written by someone else, a link to it is a much better idea than simply copying it.
  • We reserve the right to change these rules or add to them (retrospectively) any time we wish.