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John M. B. Pigot was a physician at the Infirmary. Curiously, he was also the "holiday friend" of the poet Byron. He later left Chester and became Lord Mayor of Nottingham 1840/41.

John Byron (the Civil War one) has another connection with Chester in that Elanor, Lady Byron, is buried in Holy Trinity. She was the daughter of Robert Needham MP and Ellen (Dutton) Needham. Samuel Pepys wrote of her:

  • "that whore my Lady Byron who had been, as he [Mr. Evelyn] called it, the King's [Charles II] seventeenth whore abroad, did not leave him till she had got him to give her an order for £4,000 worth of plate to be made for her; but by delays, thanks be to God! she died before she had it."

In 1644, Byron had married a second time, to Eleanor, widow of Peter Warburton. This marriage produced no children.