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This is a list of Chester neighborhoods with links to brief accounts of their local history. Anyone is free ro expand upon any particular place. Some such as Upton have thriving Local History websites (see: Upton for a great example and Hoole for another). Further afield there are many other local history websites such as those for Farndon and Pulford.

Local level history is important for several reasons. The course of a road or the coming and going of a local industry can have far reaching consequences on the lives of individuals both at the time and years later. Local history can also help illustrate and understand more general trends on regional and larger scales, often by reflecting the identity, experiences and aspirations of relatively small groups. This can frequently illustrate the complex by reference to the familiar. Often, major historical events will have very local roots, and in one sense the everyday struggles and triumphs of "ordinary" people are as important as those of well-known historical figures.

Locations and objects in a community, sometimes things as mundane as names of streets, can reflect the long heritage of past generations. Although it is pleasant to do so, people do not need to visit Rome, Giza, or Machu Picchu to see reflections of the past, a trip to Hoole can be simpler.

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