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Curzon Park is an upmarket residential suburb of Chester. The area, which adjoins the southern banks of the River Dee, was first laid out in the 19th century. It is situated next to the Grosvenor Bridge and is well known for having some of the city's largest and most prestigious residences.

A Brief History

The Curzon family, whose family estate was Kedlestone Hall in Derbyshire, acquired the lands now known as Curzon Park and Chester Golf Club, by virtue of the marriage of Assheton Curzon to Esther Hanmer in 1756. She inherited the land from her father upon his demise. Some of her wealth had come via her mother Elizabeth Jennens Hanmer (1692-1777) who was the sister and heir of the rich and childless Charles Jennens. Jennens was educated in Chester and wrote the words for Handel's "Messiah". After Esther died Assheton married secondly Dorothy, daughter of Sir Robert Grosvenor, 6th Baronet, in 1766. After her death on 24 February 1774, he married thirdly Anna Margaretta, daughter of Amos Meredith and sister of Sir William Meredith, 3rd Baronet, in 1777.

The land at that time was a farm known as Brewers Hall which name was an anglicised version of its original 13t hcentury title of Brueres Halgh. Little of note had happened on the land over the years apart from the Parliamentarians sighting a large cannon at the farmhouse to bombard the Royalist-held City during the Civil War siege of 1645-46.