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The pages below all telate in some way to the Romans in Chester:

Roman Chester - overlaid on a map of the city prior to the building of the Inner Ring Road.

Key to map:

  • Roman City Walls are shown with a black solid line
  • B Barracks
  • G Commanders Residence
  • P Headquarters Building
  • T Baths
  • S Large building with various proposed uses
  • W Workshops
  • O Officers Quarters
  • V Hospital
  • H Granaries
  • E The Elliptical Building
  • C Cemeteries
  • PG Parade Ground
  • X Extra-mural Buildings
  • Y Harbour areas
  • A Amphitheatre
  • Q Quarry, and Minerva Shrine
  • M "Mansio" -official inn
  • Br Roman Bridge