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Bonewaldesthorne's Tower Watertower Cathedral Morgan's Mount Northgate Phoenix Tower Saddler's Tower Goblin Tower Truant's Hole Abbey Gateway Music Hall Drum Tower Gravestone in Wall Eastgate Watergate Stanley Palace Bishop Lloyd's House Leche House High Cross Thimbleby's Tower Newgate Nine Houses Architect;s House Barnaby's Tower Chester Castle Gamul House St Olave St Mary on the Hill Shipgate Bridgegate Old Dee Bridge Capelgate Kaleyard Gate Weir A shambles! .. well no actually, its now the Town Hall House of Correction Civil War Trenches St John's Hospital St Thomas Shoemaker's Row Broken-shin Row Greyfriars Blackfriars Whitefriars St Bridget St Michael Randal Holmes's House The Eagle The Falcon The Bear and Billet Jacob's Well Cross on Roodee Old map of Chester
This old map of Chester has been enhanced with a bit of modern technology - mouse over for more detail on points of interest around the walls!

This is an experiment in image mapping so please don't mess around with the page!